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Aboa Mare is a Maritime Academy and Training Center educating maritime professionals. With state of art simulators Aboa Mare develops and uses simulation and other efficient teaching

methods, enabling skill and knowledge assessment through simulation. The navigation bridges in our simulation department are equipped with real instrumentation representing different Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands. In addition, we also have a complete engine control room (ECR) simulator as well as an ECR classroom simulator. The first-rate simulators are also used for different R&D projects within the maritime industry.


Maritime Academy

Aboa Mare offers Bachelor and Master level education at Novia University of Applied Sciences and secondary education at Axxell vocational institute. We educate Sea Captains, Marine Engineers, Watchkeeping Officers and Watchkeeping Engineers.


Training Center

Aboa Mare Training Center offers a wide range of courses for professional seafarers as well as simulator-based training to shipping companies and authorities all over the world. The training center provides safe and environmentally sustainable training, which fulfils the requirements laid down in the STCW convention. We offer ice navigation courses in accordance with Polar Code, Vessel Traffic Service courses and LNG fuel handling courses subject to the IGF Code. We also provide shiphandling training in ice and ice management training. The strongest asset of Aboa Mare is our ability to tailor-make courses for shipping companies.

Aboa Mare has decades training co-operation with Coast Guard, Border and Coast Guard Academy and Navy Academy.


At Aboa Mare we use the latest state of the art simulator equipment and pedagogical tools to provide a superior maritime training experience in a simulated environment that will promote teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and confidence.


We operate Navigational, ECR, GMDSS, VTS and DP simulators. We are using several different simulator platforms for different purposes. Our navigation bridges are equipped with real instrumentation representing different OEM brands.


Our first hand mission is to create a blame free and open learning environment where human and machine meets. To achieve this we have a crew of well-trained instructors that are highly motivated and pedagogically skilled in order to master all possible challenges.


The tools we can offer are applicable for training in various maritime segments as well as for R&D applications.

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Best Western Hotel Sea Port on walking distance from Aboa Mare Training center


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Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21, 20100, Turku, Finland

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