What is CGFSQF?

What is CGFSQF?

Coast Guard Functions Sectoral Qualifications Framework

CGFSQF is a tool for the development and classification of qualifications - defined by learning outcomes - related to Coast Guard sector. The idea to develop a CGFSQF was launched within the European Coast Guard Functions Forum and has been implemented through the ECGFA NET project, co-financed by the European Commission.

The CGFSQF contributes to

  • facilitate the implementation of experts and students exchange programmes
  • facilitate  the development of joint training courses and programmes
  • assist in the constitution of the Coast Guard Functions Training Network (ECGFT-Net)
  • support better understanding of the levels of qualifications within different training systems, also in the light of future accreditation procedures
  • support the harmonization of training itineraries at a national level


It is recommended that organization’s working at EU level should use the reference levels and principles of the EQF in order to design coordinated training and qualification standards. EQF has indicated that such harmonization should take place through the development of sectorial qualification frameworks (SQFs) such as Coast Guard Functions cooperation. This will increase the employability, mobility and lifelong learning of Coast Guard personnel. The Sectorial Qualification Framework for Coast Guard Functions (CGFSQF) would constitute an added value for sectorial authorities working towards a safer and more secure seas.

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